Bulk Delivery

Delivering cargo in bulk means you need a system that's designed to make the most of your van's interior space. Another key element is your partition. Hauling as much cargo as you do, you need a solid, quality partition to keep shifting cargo in the back, away from you and your passenger. At CVI you'll find products and upfits created for bulk delivery contractors.

Upfits That Deliver

Drivers who deliver cargo in bulk need to keep safety at the forefront of their considerations. Heavy equipment or uneven boxes may potentially move during transport, and could be damaged. Worse, cargo could injure a driver or passenger if not properly contained.

Stop worrying about cargo flying into the cab of your van or slamming into your van walls. Instead, design an upfit that meets the real demands of your job. We've got that and more, ready to be customized for you.

Upfits That Deliver

Deliver the goods the right way: quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Your Drive, Your Story

Your Drive, Your Story

Want to help boost your safety while transporting bulk cargo shipments? We can help!

Sit down with a CVI team member for a free consultation. Tell us your story, your challenges, and your goals. Together, we'll work to create an upfit that's as unique as you are.

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